About Us

Our work lives within our community. Whether it’s a child who needs support to overcome tragedy, or a family struggling to make ends meet, our team of professionals is ready to help. We offer comprehensive services where they are needed: in the home, at school, in the community or in the comfort of the D’Veal offices. We’re here to help all our clients develop the skills and outlook they need to ensure they achieve positive outcomes and reach their full potential.

While it’s true that D’Veal operates in a prosperous area of Southern California, there is no denying there is still a large segment of the population in need of vital services and resources.  As funding for programs on state and federal levels is always at risk, it’s our job as service providers in the community to find ways to fill in those gaps. Whether it’s a mentor to keep children committed to school and learning, or resources for parents who need help meeting the growing demands of raising children, we continue to provide the tools and the people to help.

Sometimes, it only takes a small spark of support to help families and individuals get on the right track toward success and positive outcomes. Others require a more long-term approach.

When ongoing support is needed, we have the skilled staff on-hand to connect our clients with the resources and programs that will provide comprehensive support. These may include: after school programs, recreational and sports activities, food banks, clothing resources, financing, advocacy services, legal representation, childcare and transportation assistance.

Founded in 1993, D’Veal has always been, and continues to be an agency where good people who meet tough times can turn to for help. When you’re in need, D’Veal will be there.