Our Services

Our services are designed to provide the maximum benefit for both our clients and the community at large. Each service is tailored to meet the specific needs of the client(s), taking into account emotional challenges, risk factors, challenging behaviors and individual empowerment. To deliver our services, we’ve assembled a diverse team that brings their individual strengths and abilities together to deliver effective programs and positive outcomes on every encounter.

Therapeutic behavioral services are intensive one-to-one behavioral mental health counseling provided to children/youth with serious emotional challenges. TBS focuses on helping children/youth and their parents/caregivers learn new skills and strategies to manage and reduce challenging behaviors across various settings such as at home, school, and the community. TBS is an adjunct service and works collaboratively with the primary mental health provider.

Team members involved: Therapeutic Behavioral Services Specialist, Therapeutic Behavioral Services Clinician

Benefits: Children/Youth up to the age of 18

Outpatient mental health services are therapeutic services provided to children/youth and their parents/caregivers in a more traditional clinic setting across the agencies many provider sites. Services are tailored to the individual client/family needs and focus on maximizing the full potential of the client and his/her family.

Team members involved: Therapist, Behavioral Specialist, Psychiatry

Benefits: Children, Teens, Transitional Age Youth

Mental health services provided to children/youth that recognize and respond to their unique biopsychosocial needs. Services are provided in field based settings, such as client’s residences, schools, juvenile camps, and foster care for clients who generally would not come into a clinic setting to receive treatment due to their mental health symptoms, cultural norms and related barriers.

Team members involved: Therapist, Behavioral Specialist, Parent Advocate, Psychiatry

Benefits: Children, Teens, Transitional Age Youth

Prevention and early intervention services involves reducing risk factors or stressors, building protective factors and skills, and increasing support. Prevention promotes positive cognitive, social and emotional development and encourages a state of well-being. Early Intervention is directed toward individuals and families for whom a short (usually less than one year), relatively low-intensity intervention is appropriate to measurably improve mental health problems and avoid the need for more extensive mental health treatment.

Team members involved: Therapist, Psychiatry

Benefits: Children, Teens, Transitional Age Youth, and Adults

Wraparound is a child–focused, family-centered, strengths-based, needs-driven planning process providing comprehensive mental health services. Its objective is to assist youth in returning, and successfully remaining, home; preventing future disruption or placements, symptom reduction, as well as overall improvement of family functioning and preventing psychiatric hospitalization.

Team members involved: Therapist, Family Facilitator, Child and Family Specialist, and Parent Partner, Psychiatry

Benefits: Children, Teens, Transitional Age Youth up to age 18

The goal of the Alive and Free movement is to empower individuals to stay alive and free, and to help them assist others to do likewise. Alive and Free is delivered in a group format and follows the Alive and Free curriculum with certified Alive and Free staff.

Team members involved: Group Facilitators

Benefits: Children, Teens, Transitional Age Youth

Prevention and after-care services (PAS) works to strengthen families in order to prevent child abuse and maltreatment through case navigation and community groups. PAS is a community-based child abuse and maltreatment program in partnership with Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

Team members involved: Facilitator

Benefits: Children, Teens, Transitional Age Youth, Adult Parents and Caregivers

At D’Veal, we continually work to create new programs and solutions to deliver mental health and family services to our communities. Our professional staff is committed to excellence in program development and delivery, ensuring each and every client receives the best care and resources available.

The Seeds of Change Program offers a variety of Prevention, Early Intervention and Behavioral Healthcare services for Infants, young children (ages 0-5 years) and their Parenting Families. We provide a wide range of comprehensive services, tailored to the individualized needs of the family. Our team of behavioral health professionals will help your child overcome challenging behaviors, manage emotions and provide parents and caregivers the support to reduce stress, improve family relationships and maximize your child’s growth potential. 

Family Preservation Program is aimed at helping families identify and build upon existing strengths to resolve problems causing child safety concerns. The program is to reduce out-of-home placement for children at risk of child abuse, neglect and juvenile delinquent behavior by providing a broad range of community-based support services to the family. These services are designed to keep children and families together in a safe and nurturing environment.